Monday, August 1, 2011

A great day at the beach!

Beach day! Beach day!

It was a hot and sunny day at Wollaston Beach! Myself and three other Save the Harbor workers were hosting a touch tank that held a male lobster. We had to constantly refresh the saltwater to ensure that the lobster will stay alive. So, every twenty minutes we put the lobster in a plastic bag with the saltwater and race down by the shore, toss the old water, and get fresh water. On my rotation to stay by the lobster in the bag, a young boy watched what we were doing, and asked if we were trying to kill the lobster! I said of course not, and explained how we did leave some water in the bag for the lobster, and how it is actually a good think that we are constantly refilling the tank! After five minutes of convincing he finally bought in. It was great that he showed some interest and asked questions when confused.

Kristina :)

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