Thursday, August 4, 2011

My goals

At the beginning of the program, we had to come up with three goals. Mine were:
1.Meet and make new friends
I feel like I accomplished this goal because I can actually sit and have connecting conversations with my co-workers.
2. To enjoy and make the best of this experience
I have really accomplished this goal because I have grown to love this job. It doesn't get better than taking a boat ride out to Spectacle Island at 10:00 am. Working makes my day because I know I will have a good time no matter what
3. Show the kids that you can make the best of the worst
This goal is still being worked on but I do have a few examples of how I apply it to work. When at Georges Island you want the kids to enjoy themselves and try to forget the fact that the Lady in Black is lurking around. A lot of kids are scared but it's my job to comfort them and let them work at their own pace. Even when they get scared you have to still make sure they are having fun. They should make the best of the worst.

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