Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Afternoon Fun With The South Boston Boys & Girls Club

A camper, Bella, Preston, and I trying to jump rope together
The staff at Carson got to spend a lovely afternoon with a small group from the South Boston Boys and Girls Club on Monday. Usually after lunch time, the beach and sand become very hot and it is difficult to stay on it for a long period of time. Good thing we were able to come up with some creative alternatives for our friends! Some kids braved walking down to the mud to cool off in the water; one girl even found her own Quahog! The others not so brave found sanctuary under the shade of the bathhouse. A few girls brought a jump rope which every one really enjoyed. Bella and Andrea were probably the best jumpers from the SHSB staff. I even tried jumping in a few times; it brought me back to my school yard days. We also played a few hand games like Stella Ella Ola, Slide, and Ninja. We even tried a game of Ride That Pony but it was sadly short-lived.

I always feel good when groups have to leave and kids and staff alike are sad to part ways. We love seeing familiar faces at Carson, they always brighten our days down the beach!

Keep adventuring!

The Quahog Queen!

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