Sunday, August 9, 2015

Good day at Piers Park..........

                                                             Good Day At Piers Park

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old but the game
      Last week at Piers Park was going great with the kids and I. When the days was passing it was going great with Mauricio, Esmeralda, Ana, Nikita, and I because we was playing a little game called fishy fishy cross my ocean and drip drip drop. We had a little water splash at Piers Park, while we were playing the game but lots of kids were trying to chase me with cup of water but I escape from them. Ana was trying to get me too but I ran from her, so I pick up the bucket of water and toast the water to her and Esmeralda. She was like saying something to me about how I'm paying for her hair salon, I was like me, it wasn't me that wet your hair, it was the little kids behind you. I told her to start splashing water on Esmeralda too with the water gun, so I got both of them with cold bucket of water and I got the other staff because they was standing like a status so I got them wet, everyone was having fun at piers park with hot weather outside.

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For a Walk
      When the day was ending lots of kids were trying to do the trick I was doing, so they told me if I could teach them how to do it but I was like it will take a while to do the trick and it dangerous because they could break something. The tricks I was doing were front flips, back flips, and the other one is when you laying on the ground and flip back then front. But after we finished sport, sailing, and kayaking we went for a walk to see if we find any trash around Piers Park and Harbor Sea. There's more things to talk about the"Good day at Piers Park" to be continued........

Sincerely, Carlos Garcia

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