Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fun Filled Day at Carson

Hey guys, it's Ary again. Monday at Carson Beach was a activity filled day. We started the day with soccer with America SCORES. We practiced some different ways to kick the ball and also how to settle the ball. So the morning continued, we played hand ball that got a bit aggressive with stealing the ball from players, and many people getting knocked into the sand. Then we played a normal game of soccer. As an excellent cool down, along with the kids, we helped America SCORES paint a banner that they are going to hang up in their office. That was a great way to end a morning full of fun.

The afternoon at Carson was filled with hand games, soccer balls, and footballs. We played catch away and monkey in the middle with a soccer ball with the kids. Then a different group of Save the Harbor staff got in a good game of catch with a football with the kids. Some kids played ninja with us and a really competitive game of quack-a-dilly-oh-my. As the day started to come to an end, we ended up burying a kid because he wanted us to help him with it, and seemed really pleased with the results.

Bye guys, Ary

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