Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wildlife at Black's Creek

This week we experienced a lot of new wildlife at Black's Creek. Aside from a record number of hermit crabs, the kids caught a lot of interesting animals. For instance, they caught a small fish that was larger than any others we've seen so far. They loved the fact that it's tail had little spikes on it.

Freddie with a fish that he caught.

While digging through the mud, we also found a lot of sea worms, which freaked quite a bit of kids out. Some kids loved seeing them, but most didn't want to touch the mud after seeing them. In the mud, a lot of quahogs were found as well, which excited the kids a lot more than the sea worms did.

Some of the quahogs we found.

The catch of the week, however, was an eel that one of our youngest members, Emily, caught. It was a tiny little thing, but we never expected to find an eel so it was a pleasant surprise. The kids were super excited to see the eel, and they all wanted to touch it. After escaping the clutches of many curious hands, it was finally brought out of the bucket so that the kids could get a close up glimpse of it. A couple of kids got to touch it before it wormed its way out of their hands and shot into the water, triumphantly returning home.

On another note, we were able to see what looked like a beautiful bald eagle fly over us while we were having snack time. It was an awesome sight, and I would have missed it if the kids hadn't brought it to my attention. Sadly, we were unable to get a picture of it, but I won't need one to remember a bird like that.

Until next time!

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