Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Seafood Festival & My First Time at Children's!

Sunday, August 2, I attended my first ever seafood festival! From 11-3 I did fish printing with the kids, as well as coloring and word searches. The kids were intrigued by the "real fish" we were using for the prints. Some parents were even surprised by the flounders! One young girl was giving out glitter tattoos in exchange for a donation to the mspca! I gladly donated and got a silver peace sign on my arm. I ended a great day with free tasty burger!

Tuesday was my first time at the Boston Children's Museum! We helped the kids fish and had them touching crabs! They were so fascinated by the spider crab we caught. When the day was slow and there was no kids I took an opportunity to let my artistic side shine! I used the chalk to make the Save The Harbor logo under the tent. I'm sure the crazy hail storm I ran through to get home washed it away, but not before I took a picture!
Stay Creative!

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