Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nothing but Fish Prints

There's nothing better than making fish prints with tons of kids at the Seafood Festival at the Fish Pier. That's how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Children came down to the Fish Pier with their parents to enjoy a wonderful day of festivities. We were there making fish prints with the kids for the whole time we were there. From red and blue, to orange and grey, to yellow and blue fish, every color of fish you could have imagined was probably made at the Seafood Festival. It's always a blast helping kids make fish prints too. I helped make a print with a kid. He said it was his first time in America, and his first time seeing a flounder; the type of fish we used for the prints. I was excited that I was able to help him with his fish print and I was even more thrilled that I was of of his first experiences in America.

Although we were there making fish prints with the kids, there were other things going on at the Seafood Festival. There were street performers, and food trucks of different seafood. There was a street performer there that was amazing! He was a dancer from Boston. Anything you threw at him he could do. He could tap dance, he could pop lock, and he could do flips at will. He was one of the most exciting performers of the day, and by far my favorite one. See you on my next blog, Preston.

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