Sunday, August 16, 2015

First Fish of the Summer!

Hey everyone,

So Thursday was such an exciting filled day. First, the excitement starts off with me finally catching a fish this summer. I also saw my team catch three large fish. The morning going out into the harbor fishing was a bit slow with no bites from the fish, but as the day progressed, my group proceeded to calmer waters and I finally had caught my first fish. It was honestly more exciting than I thought it would have been. But honestly it was kind of a big deal for me, since I've never caught fish before.

As the morning turned into an afternoon, everyone came back to the dock and waited to hear who caught the biggest fish. As we waited anxiously, we all got to see the winning three huge fish. The prizes we're cool, but it was even cooler to see how large the fish were. Yeah, Thursday was a pretty awesome day for all.

Well, until next week bye

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