Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sand sculpting

Almost every year I go to see the sand sculptors but this year they were really amazing. It was a really fun experience this year going with other people from Save the Harbor/Save the bay; even though we were working it was a lot of fun. There was a large group of us so we split in half and each group entered the amateur sculpting contest. Originally when I was told that was the plan, I thought it was a joke but once I arrived to the beach I learned that it wasn't a joke.

My group consisted of Carlos, Mauricio, Daynaja, Andrea, Preston, Mike and I. We took so long to decide on what to make. I suggested that we make a snowman tanning in the sand but we decided on the Save the Harbor logo. Although there aren't any pictures of it, it came out pretty good. It took a lot of time to do because we made the wave a few inches higher than the top part of the logo. The other group made a very cute looking alligator which won the competition. I honestly really enjoy the different events that we have to go to because I don't know what to expect but they all always end well. I can't wait for the next event that I will be going to.

Until my next adventure,

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