Monday, August 10, 2015

Back at Piers Park

Being at Piers Park was a Blast!!! We started the morning with a game of capture the flag and it was amazing seeing how much energy the kids have early in the morning. I have seen a few kids from when I was working at Piers Park last year again this year. We went down to the dock later on and caught a bunch of crabs with the crab trap. It was about 30 or so crabs we had in the touch tank. I took a few kids out on a kayak around the pier for a little. After being on the dock for a while we all went to the park and they turned the slides into water slides by taking some water from the sprinklers with their bottles and pouring the water onto the slides. A few of the kid wanted me to go up and see them go down their water slide but the whole time, it was a trap! They wanted me to go down the slide, they blocked the stairs so  the only to go down was to go down the slide. So they pushed me down the slide and they all laughed. We had a couple rely races, wheel barrow race, crab crawl race and foot races, and the kids loved it. I went sailing for the first time with a couple of kids and it was a lot of fun. It was blast being back at Piers Park!

Until next time,
Crab Crawl Race
Wheel-barrow race!
Sailing on the Harbor! 

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