Sunday, August 2, 2015

Harbor Illumination and Revere Beach Sand Sculpting

This past weekend I took part in my first two beach events for the summer. The beach event are additional events, usually on the weekends, that we help out in. I was very lucky for the first one. When I would normally travel to get to my site each day, my first beach event came to me in the town where I live, Hull. The event is called the Harbor Illumination, and what it is is one side off the town's Bayside shore is lit up with flares every ten feet or so. The outcome of this is one huge landscape of glowing red dots both near and far relative to you. I had been to this event in previous years, on my own as a spectator. But this was the first year that they were having events take place before the light up. Which is where Save the Harbor came in and did fish printing with kids.

The flares lined up

The second beach event I did the following day was the Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Competition. I was under the assumption originally that we were going to help run the event, but I was pleased to find out that we would actually be participating in an amateur league of scultpters. Save the Harbor was divided into two teams of six at the event. The group I was assigned with originally had the idea of creating a fish tank out of sand. Creating a three dimensional bubble to then create fish designs on. The idea was interesting, but it was poorly executed, resulting in a big mound with unidentifiable carvings. When we had decided we had done the best with what we could do with this idea, I started a sculpture of my own. Slowly I created the rough outline of what would be an alligator. And slowly as people started to see my effort and join in, there was a whole team working on this entry. When the finished product came out, people liked it more  then the tank, so we used this our entry instead. This netted Save the Harbor the first place spot in the competition!

Working on the alligator

-Ian P.

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