Sunday, August 2, 2015

Paddle Boarding & a Return to Camp Harbor View

Thursday, at Carson Beach, I finally checked paddle boarding off my bucket list! Getting on was a bit scary, I started on my knees then wiggled my way to a standing position. When I finally managed to stand I felt unsteady. Luckily, we didn't go too far out but I managed to get my bearings and learn what to do. Next time I have the opportunity I won't hesitate in taking out a paddle board, I will gladly accept the challenge!
Friday I returned to Camp Harbor View. We spent the day fishing and caught two skates! The kids loved the underwater camera and while the kids were finishing up lunch some of us created a new game called "water golf". Basically, we accidentally dropped a tennis ball in the water and had to figure out how to retrieve it. It took a while to get it in the bucket but it was fun and definitely a new experience! We also caught a baby flounder in the crab trap! We obviously threw it back but the kids loved seeing it!

Until Next Time!

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