Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Hey everybody! I'm back!

Harrington, the crocogator
This past weekend I had the pleasure of entering the Amateur Sand Sculpting in Revere. After a tour of all the professional sculptures, which were mind blowing! We got started. At first we were going to build a fish tank. And we started out strong. Pilling up sand and trying to create a cube, but that possibility disappeared when we discovered it was nearly impossible to carve a straight line into our mound of sand. But we decided to try and draw the fish on the fish mound anyway. That turned out awful too. It is so hard to draw a picture in the sand. I tried to draw a turtle since it is one of my favorite animals. It was so bad no one took a picture. I didn't even take a picture. Since we didn't want to lose we scraped the sad deformed fish mound and made a crocogator (alligator and a crocodile hybrid). It was AMAZING! I was so proud when people walked by and could readily recognize it as an alligator or a crocodile. It was a very attractive crocogator. In my mind I named him Harrington. He seemed like he could be fancy (Harrington) or chill (Harry). But we didn't officially name our little friend so no one will know if he could have been Harrington. On a positive note our little Harrington won first place. I was so proud. The funny part of our victory was we were the only competition. Since Save the Harbor had so many people at the Sand Sculpting we split into two groups. The other group made the logo but clearly it wasn't as awesome as Harrington but it was still pretty cool. I had so much fun building the first ever crocogator. And I can't wait to do this next year. Maybe we'll finally perfect the art of the fish tank. 
Not to rub it in our faces but we WON!!
I spent the rest of my week at Carson and All Access. I had a blast both at my sites and the Sand Sculpting Competition. I hope you guys will visit All Access, Carson and Revere and get in some good time at quality beaches. We are the cleanest urban harbor in the nation. Props to the big bosses for making it clean enough to eat and swim in our lovely sliver of the US. 
Excited as always,
Ruth Scott

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