Monday, August 3, 2015

End Of The Week Celebration!

Hello everyone!

Hard at work!
Our fourth week at Piers Park as come to an end and I can say we ended this one with new and exciting activities. Each week our Harbor Explorers and our staff spend Monday through Friday, nine to four with each other. If you ask me, that's a a lot of time to create new friendships and new memories and what's the best way to celebrate that? A party of course!

When our Harbor Explorers found out that we were going to have a party or what I also like to call it, our end of the week celebration, they were ecstatic. Parent were also thrilled of the idea, some even asked to join the fun.

Creative minds!
Whale Burgee!
Just like each week, Friday came by fast. As we were checking in the kids, they were all excited to show the treats they brought for the party. We had cookies, candies, fruit, you name it, we probably had it. On top of the delicious treats we had, our Harbor Explorers were excited to get our arts and craft project started. Every time you go somewhere new and exciting, you would want to get a souvenir. Our Harbor Explorers are just the same, and what's a better souvenir than something that you have made. So for our arts and craft project we did some tie-dying! With their white t-shirts in hand, each harbor explorer got to design their very own shirt. The fabric markers were great for designing anything from your favorite sea animal to our Save The Harbor logo. I personally made my shirt to look like waves! While our Harbor Explorers waited for their turn to make their shirt, they got a chance to make their very own Burgee. If you're like me and have no idea what a Burgee is, it's a flag which represents a boating organization. Overall, the party was a home run and will probably happen again at some point this summer!

Till our next adventure,

Nikita Cayabyab

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