Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Courageous takes Courage

Hello everybody! I'm back!
I heard a great joke the other day that Save the Harbor community needs to know about.
Question: Did you hear about the crab that went to the disco? He pulled a mussel.
I laughed unnecessarily hard at that.
the Save the Harbor Song!

             Today was very action packed. I should get an IV of pure caffeine to keep up with the kids. At Courageous we pulled up our crab traps and found 17 crabs-15 green crabs and 2 Asian shore crabs (Asian shore crabs are actually an invasive species), 2 little fish and a flounder. One crab (we called him the Lil Savage) ripped apart one of our fish and we had the pleasure of watching him eat it. Then we sang the brand new Save the Harbor song, which some of ou
r Harbor explorers loved! Surprisingly the kids liked crabs more than our song but there was still enthusiasm. We also played Ride that Pony which was fun, but it requires a lot of energy. After our dancing we dissected a fish head and found the brain, heart and the pearls in the eyes which everyone got to touch. Then we played Ninja, it wa
s my first time and apparently I am terrible at it (so says Joey, he got me out) but Chrystal thinks I'm pretty smooth (I think so too.) Then we traveled to the Charles for plenty of fishing. It was so windy today that the water splashed onto dock and got me wet. We caught two bantum sunfish and found a wide mouth bass in the eel trap. It's a mystery how a fish that big got into our eel trap. Crazy mysteries of Boston Harbor!
a Bantum Fish
Can't wait for another day at Courageous and Community Boating! Hope we get to sing the Save the Harbor song and play Ride that Pony!
Excited as always,
Ruth Scott
Everyone was excited about the bass

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