Monday, August 3, 2015

Revere Sand Sculpting Competiton

Hey hey, it's blog time!

      So, last weekend we had the unique opportunity to attend the 2015 Revere International Sand Sculpting Competition. The Save the Harbor group arrived a little early, that way we could walk up and down the beach and see all the cool, professional sculptures made the day before. Once everyone arrived, we met one of the judges, who let us take a picture in front of the centerpiece sculpture, "The Spirit of Massachusetts"!
The Save the Harbor crew, in front of "The Spirit of Massachusetts"
      Once that was done, we signed up for the amateur team sculpting competition. Since the teams were limited to six members we split into two teams, one led by my fellow SHE Mike, and one led be me. My team's original idea was to make a fish tank, which we figured would be pretty easy to do. Once we finished it though, it really just looked like a big mound of sand with some unidentifiable drawings on it, that were supposed to be fish. So, since we still had plenty of time left we decided to try something new. As we were debating what to do next, one of the JPAs on our team, Ian, started idly shaping some sand into what kind of looked like a crocodile. We decided to run with it, and while the rest of the team worked on shaping the crocodile, I scoured the beach for shell fragments to be the teeth. The final result was great, and ended up winning first place in the team division!
Our first place Crocodile sculpture!
      Once that was done, I took advantage of the large mound of sand that had been our fish tank and turned it into a couch for the team to relax on while we had lunch.

Me, on the sand couch!


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