Sunday, August 2, 2015

Its All Fun and Games at Piers Park

Hello again fellow adventurers!

Yet another exciting week at Piers Park has come to an end. This week was action packed with brand new activities and some throwback games that everyone of all ages would enjoy.

Future Picasso?
Fridays at Piers Park have become our designated Arts and Crafts day, and on the agenda this week was coloring and tie-dying! Stocked with a mountain of white tee shirts, numerous bottles of dye, and a giant rubber band ball, we successfully tie-dyed almost 30 shirts with some amazing designs. Having almost no prior experience in tie-dying, I found out the hard way that dye stains your skin! Although I had to spend the next half hour furiously rubbing dye off my hands, it was well worth the final product.

After arts and crafts, it was game time! Since we play almost every camp game imaginable throughout the week, we had to reach deep into the vault and bring back an old time classic: Wonderball! A game that was invented way before the time of our campers, I've been playing Wonderball since I was a little kid myself. While many were too shy to sing along with the song, everyone showed the same look of terror when the ball landed in their lap. I came out victorious in one game, and the next game I was the first one out, so I don't think I can solidify a spot in the Wonderball hall of fame just yet. Another camp favorite so far has been "Captain's Coming." Very similar to Simon Says, this game involves the Captain giving orders to his crew, and if you don't react in time, you're out! We've just surpassed the half way point of the summer, and I know there's much more fun and excitement to be had as the summer comes to a close. I'm looking forward to the home stretch, and I hope everyone else is too!

Until next time, keep on exploring!

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