Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sand sculpting at Revere........

                                                            Sand sculpting at Revere

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The Group
      Hey Everybody! Last week on Sunday some of us went to sand sculpting at Revere Beach, it was fun because we had different group of Save The Harbor Save The Bay. We entered for the sand sculpting tournament. Some of us don't know who won because we left the time we suppose to leave but it was great working as a team. Preston, Esmeralda, Mauricio, Mike, Andrea, Daynaja, and I was sand sculpting the logo of Save The Harbor/Save The Bay, the other group was going to build a fish tank but they decided to build another sand sculpture, so it was a crocodile.
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Our Sculpture
      Early in the afternoon, last week we were thinking about if we should go in the water to have fun but we thought it was going to rain and it was kind of windy. We all were having fun at Revere, working as a team as "Save The Harbor/ Save The Bay". When we were sculpting at Revere Beach people around asked us if we were in the tournament, I  was over excited  and I was like yes we in the tournament  and we are going to beat them. But once we were done with our sculpture we had lunch, it was good because we ate pizza. While we were eating pizza a little girl destroy piece of our sculpture. It was so funny that all of us scream "Nooo" she just look at us like we was crazy and just walked away.

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I was Chilling 
      It was a great day at Revere Beach, we learned that when we work as a team and we will succeed as team to finish our project. But at the end when we were done building I was chilling at Revere Beach with no sun and a sand couch. I was going to get comfortable but I went home to sleep.

Sincerely, Carlos Garcia

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