Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Muddy Creek

Today at Blacks Creek, it wasn't as usual! Instead of having a hot and sticky creek, it was actually wet and muddy today. We found a lot of creatures for the first time this summer, including our first eel at Blacks Creek! Unfortunately, we did not have a lot of kids, we only had 9 kids today, which is unusual because we get 25 to 30 kids each day. But even though it was only 9 kids, we found a way to make it the best day at Blacks Creek! We started off the day looking for critters, but since it was muddy and the tide was super low, we decided to make mud sculptures. The kids were super excited and they wasted no time getting creative.
Me with Jack and his molting crab, and Julie with her mud-ball!

Having fun with the mud.

Some kids made "mud houses," dolphins, and even sea stars. It was really cool and fun at the same time. Its was so fun that we forgot to do sports and the kids didn't mind at all because they were having so much fun already. Most of the kids got to take their art work home at the end of the day, which made them and their parents really happy!
                                             Till next time,

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