Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bring on Camp Harbor View

In place of the usual All Access tour I would go on, my conclusion of the first week at SHSB saw me traveling to Long Island to join in with the guys there at Camp Harbor View. It was easy to get into the swing of things on the island. Teaching fishing to the kids was the activity that filled our time there, something that I had already been doing earlier in the week at Spectacle. As expected, we caught a lot of crabs on the docks. But something really cool that a couple of kids and were able to do was catch a skate. It was good for them to be able to look at and observe something other than the ususal.

Camp Harbor View kids on the fishing dock

The kids at Camp Harbor View were particularly nice. On the island, Save the Harbor staff is allowed to eat the camp lunch that they serve there. I had already eaten, but one off the kids I was talking to earlier that day saw me and offered to get me some of the food. I told him no and thanked him, but he was persistant in trying to get a hamburger or hot dog for me. I didn't accept anything, but I was still very inpressed by the level of kindness he had for someone like myself he had just met. I'm looking forward to my days back on Camp Harbor View.

- Ian P.

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