Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Places, New Faces!

Hello again, friends of Save the Harbor!
 Though we are coming to the end of the summer, we are not winding down! I was lucky to work at two new sites this week, and I have many stories to tell! 

Speaking of new faces- my first skate! 
Camp Harbor View is remarkable. I started off my Tuesday on a big ferry, surrounded by energetic counselors in bright blue shirts. They were fun, organized and friendly. They brought me up to speed on the camp as the boat brought us out to Long Island. My two days at this camp were filled with nature walks, hikes, beach time and fishing- not to mention a few chess games at lunch! We talked about the genetic diversity of the habitats around us, and how biodiversity is threatened by environmental degradation. We came face-to-face with invasive Asian Shore crabs, beautiful bumblebees, historic forts and lighthouses, berry bushes and skates! I had my first hike on the islands, and watched a brave camper get swatted by thorns. She calmly pulled the vines out of her way, and we talked about plant defenses that occur in nature. I saw similar courage in my JPA Ivan and LHE Mark when they pulled a tricky hook out of a skate's mouth. I learned that my JPAs are expert chess players. I learned about Pokemon and roller coasters (mostly from 10-year-olds.) I learned from the campers at CHV, from the counselors and sailers, and from my own JPAs- and that is what will really stick with me from this summer. I have spent every moment, up to the last minute,  discovering Boston and the treasures of its harbor. It has been one of the fastest and most enjoyable summers of my life. Thanks for being a part of the discovery, CHV!

Until next time,

Teaching Steph and Jess about wildflowers and pollinators! 

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