Sunday, August 2, 2015

CHV Takes Over AABH

     On Tuesday I went to Peddocks island with the All Access Boston Harbor crew. It was fun to be back on All access for the day. It was also good that it was at Peddocks, which can be debated to be the best island we go to. When we first got to the island we had lunch on the nice chairs near the beach. Then we gathered some kids in order to play kickball. I was making my debut after my self-proclaimed Rookie of the Year season last year. 
     The game started off very hype, with friendly trash talking going on by both sides. I was on the opposite team as David Coffin. In my first at bat I hit a 3 run home run to give my team a 6-0 lead. The game went on for a few more innings before it was last ups for David Coffin's team, who were down 8-4. His team was able to load the bases with 2 outs and a camp counselor was up to bat. There was late inning drama and it made the game fun for us and, most importantly, the kids. The camp counselor proceeded to hit the ball hard and high but we were able to make the catch and secure the win. We then took all the kids and broke it down screaming "Save The Harbor" on 3. There were smiles on all kids faces whether they won or lost. As for David Coffin and Max they were just simply on the wrong team. Then we went to the freezing beach and cooled off from the blazing sun.

Ivaniel Diaz

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