Thursday, August 20, 2015

Staff Dayyyyyyyyyy

Hey guys,
So Monday was STAFF DAY!!!!!!!!! It started with a nice cheese and cracker brunch at the dock of Bruce and Patty's Boat. Yum. Then, as we headed up the field of Spectacle, the boys started a game of football and the girls set up for a game of kickball. As the guys finished their football game, all staff went in on the kickball game. It was All Access Staff Vs. None All Access Staff.

As the game of kickball proceeded, things got intense. There were some tumbles, so elbowing, and some miss footing from the ball. Through it all we pushed through and all access won, but you know it was just a great day having just us staff getting that game and having fun with each other. As the day ended we had some lunch thanks to Bruce and Patty and Staff Day was just the best day for us.


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