Sunday, August 2, 2015

Great end to a fourth week

So this whole week has been great. One thing I keep thinking is really cool is that we keep catching fish in crab trap and crabs on fish hooks. This week on Friday we also caught a couple purple crabs. I always think the design on the purple crabs is really cool. One thing I also love is when kids who are in camps are leaving and there counslers will say something like "thank you so much" or "this was a wonderful opportunity", or "will you guys be here tomorrow?"I'll also sometimes hear one of the kids say to another kid as they leave: "did you see the fish I caught?" I feel we are making a difference, and that other people enjoy it.  I always tell people that one of the greatest feelings they can feel is when some one else smiles and its the result of them doing something good. Have a great weekend!

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