Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Goodbye Blog

All good things must come to an end, and this summer is no exception. I had mixed feelings about how I chose to spend my summer when I first started here in early July. Not being much of a writer, completing two blogs a week seemed a bit of a challenge for me, and commuting an hour and a half each day to get to work wasn't to appealing either. But after spending these past two months fishing every day, talking to new people and exploring the harbor I had lived at for so long I realized that those negatives mentioned before were nothing to complain about. After spending these past two months with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay I realized that it was completely worth it. Taking part in the programs this summer allowed new opportunities for myself. I was able to learn a lot more and do a lot that more than I would have been able to if I had stayed closer to my home. I'm really glad that worked here this summer.

To conclude my final day in the harbor i returned to the familiar Camp Harbor View. This past Friday was their last day too, and they have a traditional 'Hustle' they do on this last day. what this is is a camp-wide relay race, including all the kids from that session's groups. We helped in setting up when needed, but our main being there was to cheer on the kids competing. It was nice to see the kids we've been spending the last four weeks with, and the staff we've seen this whole summer, all together in this final event. Weather aside, it was a good way to use the last day.

"The Green Dock", i.e. where we spent the summer fishing with kids

-Ian P.

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