Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Old Friends

This Sunday Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay participated in the Fourth Annual Seafood Festival! Over all, we worked with children who were there and made fish prints with them using flounder. By the time the event was over I had paint all over my hands, and even some on my leg! They are all so creative. None of the fish prints came out the same way because everyone did something different. Whether it was the color combinations or the design of where the paint was, they all were unique. That's something I admire about children: their imagination can take them anywhere.

To my surprise, halfway through the event there was a performance and the voice sounded familiar. When I went to go check it out I saw an old friend who now goes by Snap. We used to dance together when we were young, I knew him before his performance name, and when he had a little Afro. It was nice seeing him again and knowing he's doing well! You'll never know what to expect when working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay!

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