Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fun and Fish Printing

This Monday started off really good. Fifteen of us did fish printing! We had a few big groups of kids come by. I really enjoyed seeing all the SHE's, LHE's and JPA's getting into it. It still amazes me how good the JPA's are at teaching children. Teaching someone is not easy, and they show great patience, kindness and generosity when they do it.

Today was also really good at Children's. We had a lot of people come by––close to 200! We got swamped by these large groups leaving the museum, and everyone was really into it. Marco and Arianna did a really great job showing the kids crabs. I was really impressed at how good they were talking with the kids that came by. They showed great kindness and maturity. Sam did an awesome job for her first day. I am determined to work on her dislike of crabs :) She did an great job with the arts and crafts side of the site and really got kids into it. Not to mention, she did an awesome side walk drawing.

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