Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Great Splash!

Welcome to Carson Beach, friends of Save the Harbor!
Welcome to our Beach Bash and Splash!

We could not have had more spectacular weather for last Friday's Beach Bash and Splash! Hundreds of kids and hotdogs later, the beach was still buzzing in the hot summer sun, and the Save the Harbor crew had more fun than we could have imagined!

Face painting, fishing, sand-raking, fish printing... you name it, we had it! I think I painted 50 rainbows onto kids on Friday! We had a touch tank under the same tent, and kids could not get enough of Larry the Lobster! Thank goodness for organization, or the sheer volume of activity would have lead to chaos. We planned and we executed- take a look below at what happened when all of the kids splashed into the water at noon!

Ready, set...

After a morning of fun and an afternoon splash, it was blue shirts to the rescue! Here you can see Andrea putting ketchup on a hotdog- we had lunch ready to go as soon as the kids were out of the water! Our JPAs carried crates of water around for kids and counselors who had retreated to the shade with their hotdogs and snacks- hydration matters!

Go, Andrea, go!
 Finding a calm space in the aftermath of the splash, professional storyteller Norah Dooley enchanted a group with pirate tales. It's not hard to fall under the spell- I have been there myself- of one of Norah's stories. Dressed as Mary the Pirate, she really captivates her audience!
The captivating Nora Dooley!
 Need more evidence? This second photo is my favorite of the day. Perched at the end of the line of yellow shirts is our own Save the Harbor president- Patricia Foley! Ms. Foley's kind smile and calm demeanor make her a welcome presence at these events. She always offers our staff encouragement, and I absolutely love seeing her out and about- she gives this organization everything she's got, and we are so lucky to have her!
Patricia Foley, everyone!

I'll end this with a shout-out to the amazing members of the Save the Harbor staff. Thanks for splashing around in those blue shirts and letting everyone know that the beaches of Boston belong to them. You guys build community, and that matters. Also, Lindsay's shorts tan stands unrivaled.

Until next time, rockstars!
Blue shirts, Lindsay's shorts tan

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