Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Being A Leader

Leadership plays a big role in my life, not only at work but also when I'm at home . Everyday I put on my Save The Harbor shirt I look at myself as a leader . I know when i go to work there are plenty of kids and family's that look up to me . I also have to be a leader for my co-workers–– not that they need it, but just being there to help and giving extra support is showing a lot of leadership.

At home, I have my 3 younger siblings that really look up to me . I know its on me to show them the positive way of life . I tell them all the time that school is the most important thing right now. If you finish school you can do whatever you want in life .

One of the main reason I love working for Save The Harbor is we're about giving back to our community. It feels good being able to hear that we provide access to some of the cleanest beaches in the country . Some kids and adults that come out with us have no idea what they're going to experience, so when you're standing at the highest point on Spectacle Island just look around at the view and take a second to think: its not about just standing on a island in the middle of the Boston harbor, it's really about enjoying the finer things in life .

 Not every city has a Boston Harbor. Not every city has organizations like Save The Harbor that provide  free access to programs for the youth around them. Being apart of something so special like that is being a leader. The fact that I'm able to help change and make my city a better place is an amazing feeling.

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