Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Children's Museum......

                                                                Children's Museum

      Hey everyone! Two weeks ago I had a crazy week, I'll talk about what sites I was in and they were Piers Park, Carson Beach, and Children Museum. At the Children Museum, I had a good day because we had lot's of kids coming to us to learn how to catch crabs and what kind of crabs they were. For Example, if the crabs were male and female and if they were a green crab or rock crabs. Also, they wanted to learn how to fish for some Striped Bass and Perches. Bella, Marco, Mark, and I had a good day. We caught lots of perches, the kids were so excited to see the fish but they were stressing them out because they wanted to catch it with a net. Some of the kids caught some crabs at Children Museum so they named the crabs as their pets. Once the day was ending we were asking the kids if they wanted to do a crabs race, so Mark told me to count them before we toast them back so I was like ok, so I start toasting them back to the water, Bella was like we are "Save the Harbor/Save the Bay" we don't toast them we drop them.
Perch Fish
Sincerely, Carlos Garcia              

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