Wednesday, August 2, 2017

breaking out of your comfort zone.

Hey everyone, 

        This week was amazing at Boston Children's Museum and black's creek. At the children's museum we constantly wait to catch some striped bass or a flounder. Yet we caughte something even better, a moon jelly. We determined that it was a boy and he was absolutely beautiful. It was the first time i'd ever seen one of them which makes my summer even better. Changes and new experiences. 

moon jelly.

          At black's creek we had a very calm week where we played mostly sports with the kids. There's one girl named Lily and she reminded me of myself as a child. Very shy and to herself. I went up to her with a hermit crab and she talked to me more. As the session was coming to an end we went to play 'gaga ball' on the hill and she was excited to play because she would teach others and take leadership. I was glad that she broke out of her shell. As every child should in the summer.

Until next time,
Nieomi Colon

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