Wednesday, August 2, 2017

growth in the summer.

Hi everyone,

         Today at black's creek was amazing. We first started off telling the group our name and favorite color then we started exploring. It was also the first time I caught a green crab which was exciting. The heat was not fun but we pulled through and went up to the hill to play gaga ball and our friend Myles returned with his usual goofy antics that had all of us with smiles.

museum after a game of gaga ball.

          The first group had about 15 kids which was the first time we had that many. A lot of them were siblings which was funny because when we play games on the hill they would love to go against each other to see who would win. My favorite kid from the group, kylie, was happy when i told her she'd be a captain against her brother. this was also the first time kids would swim in the creek and i'm glad i told them to because they cooled off and said that the best time was to swim.

           Remember my friend Lily? She finally talked today and she actually enjoyed playing gaga ball and collecting rocks with me. It was nice that she interacted with all of us well at least before the programming is over.

Until next time,

Nieomi colon

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