Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Hi everyone,

       Last friday was my first day back at carson beach and I reminisced on all memories I had last year. when Daynaja, Sedny and I were playing with hula hoops with the kids of the boys and girls club and we listened to frozen.
       We started off our day with Olga by painting our own pictures and using them as examples for the kids. 
paintings on the boat.
The kids loved the fact that their paintings were gonna be cut up into a shape and used on a real boat. Then we went into the water with a big beach ball. Sadly the wind blew it away. as an entire group we had our laughs.

         The highlight of my day had to be when kids were mixing the colors and confused as to which ones would make a certain color. It's a good feeling when kids are actually interested in interaction and becoming more knowledgeable.
Until next time,

Nieomi colon

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