Thursday, August 3, 2017

Finally a Skate!!!!!

The campers very first skate

A Skate!! We finally caught a skate. Last year we used to catch skates by the dozens however this year it seemed as if all of the skates disappeared from Camp Harbor View. Personally I was shocked when Ty the LIT caught the skate, I saw his rod bending and him yelling "I got a fish" but I just assumed the line was stuck on a rock (since that his been happening a lot recently). After about minute you could see the skate being pulled through the water, all the campers started gathering Around Ty yelling "We got a fish", Ty made sure to correct them and announced "No , I got a fish." Still the Campers were all excited and Ty of course was just as excited.

Ty finally works up the courage to hold up his skate.
Once we reeled the skate up to the pier, it was Prestons turn. The hook was stuck in the skates mouth, and we had to release the hook from the skates mouth and throw it back into the water as fast as possible. This time everyone was gathered around Preston and it was his turn to get to work. After a few minutes of the fish squirming and the campers saying "that's disgusting", the fish was finally freed of the hooked and thrown back in the water.
Wednesday was a huge success, considering we caught a fish on the very first day of fishing club. And we all hope everyday could be like Wednesday.

Until Next Time, Abel

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