Thursday, August 3, 2017

Relaxing and Nice-o-matic

Back at the Children's Museum and boy oh boy is it a joyful experience doing so!    

On Thursday it was fun and entertaining to see kids overcoming boundaries and at least attempt to touch the crabs and try out fishing, honestly they seemed excited for it. It was a rainy day for the most part and had cleared up in the hours to come and we got more people to come see afterwards. I even got introduced to an Australian family who were regulars every Thursday. They even made my co-workers excited. Overall Thursday was pretty fun and with lots of excitement.

 Friday had came around and it was sunny throughout the day. I know for a fact that we had more customers than the other days (at least not combined in that aspect), but still sorta packed. A lot of people who were filing into the children's museum had checked out our crabs and fished as well. It was only me, Zach, Edward, and Garret for the day then joined by Jennifer and Rusenny on the other half of the day.

After our 2 hour break we had gotten back to work and it sort of calmed down at the end I wouldnt say less people to be exact but it felt pretty relaxed. I did notice how packed it had got once people were actually lining up. The line had stretched out of the children's museum and down 1/4 of the dock!

Have a spectacular week Ladies and Gentleman

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