Thursday, August 3, 2017

I'm a Teacher Now!

Fishing off the pier with fishing club!
Welcome back Guys! Today I was stationed at fishing club with our senior harbor educator Max, Patrice and Jaiden. We caught a spider crab and I thought it was really ugly looking! Patrice opened the crab where it keeps the little eggs and its so cool because we could see all of its eggs. We showed the kids and they were amazed. David always tells everyone that goes to the island to "do something that you've never done before" and today I did many things that I hadn't done any other day at work which was teach the kids about crabs and their babies. It's so cool it's like I'm a teacher now!
Playing sports on the island's drumlin!
Every time I'm at fishing club I volunteer to cut up the bait that we're going to use that day. Today's bait was fresh calamari. So every time one of the groups came I was plopped on the floor cutting the squid and they would all shriek, "Ewwww that's nasty!" My response is always to urge them to touch it. For some reason they always do touch it even though they say it looks nasty and weird. After I finished cutting the bait I helped the kids bait their hooks for them. They all looked at me like I was crazy, but little did they know that I do it all for them cause as long as their happy, I'm happy too!

Clocking out,
Marly Burgos

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