Thursday, August 3, 2017

Second time at Courageous!

Patrice actually kissing a crab!
Thursday I went to Georges Island where I did fishing with Patrice, Kharliyah and our senior harbor educator Max. This week we have not been catching as many crabs as we usually have which is unfortunate but today was a success! Most of the times the majority of the crabs we catch are through the crab trap, but today we only caught 5 from the crab trap and the rest where reeled up on the fishing rods! It was like every time you turned you saw a new kid reeling in a crab. I think the kids have gotten used to the crabs because now they just reach in the water with no hesitation or fear of getting pinched, which is good in my opinion. Even my coworkers have gotten a little too comfortable, like Patrice, as you can see in the picture below.

Today I went to Courageous Sailing Center and I did fishing with Ana while our senior harbor educator, Jenn, did fish printing with Qalid. We had 4 rods on the deck but the groups were pretty big so while some kids were busy taking turns using the fishing rodsI would take the other half of the kids that were waiting and play four square with them. I'm used to playing four square the normal way without any tricks or calling anything so I was confident that I was going to be winning, but I was so wrong. The kids are so clever with the rules that I could not keep up and ended up losing to 10 year olds! I was disappointed, but it was still fun. In between groups, when they were done going to both fish printing and fishing, we would bring them down to see the crab trap, we have two of them at Courageous. When we went down, the first one was empty, and when we went to pull up the second one it was stuck. Jenn could not lift it up and at first I thought that maybe she was just not strong enough so I tried and it really was stuck! All of us ended up pulling on it and eventually we were strong enough and pull it up together.

Me playing four square with the kids.
Vince Vila

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