Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Catch of the Summer!

The fork we caught!
Monday I was supposed to go to Camp Harbor View but I ended up going to the Children's Museum where I was fishing and showing kids crabs that we had caught trolling around in the touch tank. It was extremely hot on the dock as we tried to gather kids that were passing by to join us in fishing. We caught a lot of odd things before while fishing but today we caught by far the most weirdest thing ever: a fork! There was a sea squirt living on the fork. It was squishy and when you squished it water squirted out. Kind of nasty but at the same time it is pretty cool, and what are the odds of someone being able to genuinely say they caught a fork while fishing?

Today, as well as yesterday, I went to Spectacle Island which by the way is my favorite place to go to out of all the sites! Every time we go to Spectacle I look forward to going swimming at the end of a hot word day. Today I did sports with our senior harbor educator Jenn and Kharliyah. We played a weird version of soccer, volleyball and we also played catch. I was really looking forward to playing kick ball but the kick ball was pretty deflated. We tried to fill it up with air but there was a hole in it so there was no hope. The kids are always more into football than any most of the other sports. I think football is okay but I think I honestly like kickball better. After sports we went swimming and David splashed me with water without warning before I was even fully in the water-- it was freezing!

Until next time,
Vince Vila

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