Thursday, August 3, 2017

First Day at Piers Park!

Hello Everyone!

My first kayaking adventure!
I traveled to Piers park for the first time today! I had no idea what to expect. I loved my previous adventures on All Access, but I was also excited to experience our ocean on a different site. When I arrived, I realized that Piers Park was a camp filled with energetic staff and campers. To get out some of the energy that all the children arrived to  the camp with, the day started off with an never ending game of Everybody's It. If the staff hadn't stopped the game, the kids would have kept playing all day. After our time on the field, we proceeded to go on the dock. We set up fishing and a touch tank for the kids. Although I could not take the kids sailing because of my lack of expertise in that area, I was able to take the kids out to kayak. We traveled around the shore and under the dock to pick up both trash and invasive periwinkle snails. It made me happy to see how enthusiastic the kids were about picking up trash and cleaning the harbor. 

After we finished up at the dock, we headed back up to our tent to eat lunch. The kids would need the fuel for the rest of their action packed afternoon. The activity up next in the day was a visit to the park to play in the water sprinkler. After a hot morning, the kids got the chance to cool off in the water. The kids didn't even bother drying off because the activity that was next up on the list was a game of capture the flag in the sun. We finished up the day with one more round on the dock. It was a great first day at Piers Park and I can't wait to come back here tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my first day at Piers Park!

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