Thursday, August 3, 2017

"Rain, Rain, Go Away!"

They seemed to like the rain much
more than me!

That's the sound that the thunder makes when the lighting hits the ground. It's pretty loud, but it's nothing compared to the screams of the kids when the thunder claps. I honestly think the lighting and thunder are more scared of the kids than the kids are of them.

Kids playing in the rain!
The day started off like any other day. We took the kids fishing, sailing and kayaking. However, the day took an unexpected turn when it started to rain during our Capture the Flag game. The sun was still going strong and shining during the beginning. The teams were chosen and we stared each other down from the safety of our own sides. I felt the tension between the two sides because of the intense rivalry between them. It was a match to see who was better, Oysters or Clams! The clouds started to roll in and we knew the battle was about to start. Both sides charged at each other with no plan in mind. It was flag or nothing. Casualties were being

taken on both sides as kids tagged each other one after the other. As the game went on, droplets started to fall from the sky. But droplets quickly turned into pounding downpour of rain that smacked against your skin when it hit you. With one last chance to grab the flag, both teams made one final push to secure a victory for their side. It was clear that there could be only one victor at the end of the day. But to our surprise, it was neither oyster nor clam. It was the rain. With the rain coming down harder than ever before, both sides agreed to call it a truce and we all ran as fast as we could to the tent. At that point, it was clear that we were no longer oysters or clams! We spent the rest of our day inside our tent and singing campfire songs until the rain finally went away. What an eventful day at Piers Park! It was fun, but I would like to finish the game next time!

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