Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Gaga Go!

The intense game 
The kids wasted no time at Blacks Creek. The first day we started programming we were introduced to their favorite game, Gaga Ball. I have never seen a group of kids put their all into a game before, not the way Blacks Creek kids played Gaga Ball. Essentially it is dodge ball played in a pit and the ground must stay on the ground. There is no double tapping the ball and we play revenge meaning if the person who got you gets out then you're back in. These kids look like professional athletes putting everything they've got into the game. Now I would never claim to have any talent or skill when it comes to sports, any of them, so I I would always let the kids take charge of it. Our staff would put their all into it, just as much as the kids. Especially Eric, once he was introduced to the game it was all over, he did not take it easy on any of the kids. He refuses to hold back and he makes the kids really work for the winning title. This week I'm proud to say I got Eric out, we play revenge style so he came back in but I'm still proud for that one moment. Maybe it's the crazy change in weather or the kids are getting better and better with all the times we have been playing but Eric had a run for his money. He may have won the game but the kids won the day overall.
The after math of the game

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