Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Real Friends

The crab lover.
Have you ever been to Red Rock Beach in Lynn? Ever wondered why it's called Red Rock? Well I did, and this past weekend I discovered the answer to both of these problems. I decided to take on the Kids Day Festival at Red Rock Beach. Now, walking into this event I wasn't really at the height of happiness, but that quickly changed. The vibe coming off of everyone attending the event was very hard to ignore. Between the upbeat music and the balloon animals flying through the air, I couldn't shake a smile off my face if I had tried. It was funny at first when the pirate newsletters kept blowing away in the wind. There would be a huge gust and then I'd have to chase the papers down the hill. At one point, all the kids who were near our table went running down the hill with me after the papers. When our senior harbor educator Jenn, and Jahari came back up with the first refill of water, they brought with them a molting crab, a hermit crab, and a baby crab. The baby crab is always a hit for the little girls. They're always afraid to hold crabs because they think they'll get pinched. But once I tell them that the baby cant hurt them, they put their palms straight out and I lay the baby in their palms. Then they always put their little noses right up to the crabs' nose so that they can look them right in the eye. One little boy was obsessed with feeling the crab shells. No matter how many times his mom pulled him away to another table, he always came waddling back looking for a crab to pet!

This past Monday, I was at Community Boating instead of Piers Park. This way new to me, but nonetheless, fun. Max and Henry were using the fish nets to see if they could catch any little fish swimming in the shallow waters, but none seemed to be swimming into the net. Then all of a sudden I heard a yell from the dock. Max had spotted a giant catfish swimming in the shallow water. From that point on, there always had to be one set of eyes on where that fish was seen. At one point, I came so close to catching it; I thrusted the net into the water and that huge fish got halfway in it, then backed himself right out. Overall, it was a great day at community boating that included many laughs and inside jokes.
My "Real Friends" on our lunch break.

Until the next adventure,

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