Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Huge Spider Crab? No Thanks!

Hello Everyone!
The female spider crab that the camper caught

It's the last day of the week at Piers Park for me since I will be attending the second MLK Scholars meeting held at Boston University this Friday and I would like to think about what happened this week as a whole. First of, I would like to ignore Monday because of how rainy it was and how it was a terrible start to the camp week. However through the week it has gotten better, with the kids more energetic and happier than they were at the beginning.

For today, it was the most eventful day out of the whole week. One exciting thing that happened today was that one of the campers caught a nine legged spider crab. At first, everyone was going crazy on the dock. The camper yelling that there was a fish on the hook and reeling it in as fast as she could and the staff, trying to stay calm, telling the camper to reel it in slowly. When we realized that it wasn't a fish, but a huge spider crab, some of us looked at it wondering how a spider crab could get to be the size it was and some of us couldn't really look at it because it resembled an actual spider. The kids gathered around the abnormally sized crab. We looked to see if it was a female and to see if it had any eggs (sadly it did not). We then put it back in the water and went on with our experiences on the dock. When the kids that went sailing came back and asked what we caught, the kids told them that we got a humongous spider crab and how it had an extra leg. I showed the campers that weren't there the pictures of the crab and they started saying "Woah" and "Freaky" and "That's so cool". If the kids reacted to the crab like that, I wonder how they'll react to actually catching a fish on the line. The day that happens, I'll be ready to get it down and show their accomplishment to everyone!

The camper who caught the spider crab, holding it

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