Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Unique games

Hello everyone, it’s Maeve! As you all know, I am at Piers Park now and my first week has been a blast. There are some great kids who I am very upset about having to say goodbye to. Some kids may come back next week but not all. Young kids are very funny and it is especially funny when you ask them to guess the ages of the staff members. Their answers are always so crazy. One boy thought that Ray was 30 years old! The kids are also funny when it comes to animals in the touch tank. They like to name the crabs and they love touching the fish we catch. We have to keep reminding them that fish can’t live out of water because they like to pick them up and hold them for long periods of time.

On Thursday after lunch when we went to the playground we had bear crawling races between the children. Ray and I officiated it and it became very competitive because there were a lot of tie breakers. They would race in pairs and the first kid to touch my hand would advance to the next round. At one point we had almost all of the kids in the camp involved in the competition and they took it so seriously. It is easy to forget how young the kids are and it is always important to make sure they feel good about themselves. One boy named Lucas lost a couple of times and he was becoming very discouraged because he does not like to lose. I had to keep reminding him that it is just a game and that it was all for fun; that seemed to keep his spirits up. We had a lot of fun on thursday even though the rain was off and on throughout the day.
This was the bear crawling contest

On Friday we had a delicious snack party. All of the kids brought in different types of snacks from simple chips to some fancy empanadas. The kids (and the staff :)) ate so much food and we were all so full but that didn't stop the kids from having fun in the grass. Everyday we play capture the flag after lunch but some kids get tired of it sometimes. On Friday, the kids who didn’t want to play had a handstand contest. Kids are so flexible and energetic, I don’t know how they do it. It was probably because of all the junk they ate at lunch! I'll keep everyone posted on our adventures at Piers Park next week!

Patrice is a pro
Ali tried his best
The kids getting lessons from Patrice 
-Maeve Fittz

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