Wednesday, August 2, 2017

sad endings.

Hi everyone,

            This was our last week at black's creek and it felt so strange. We play a game and introduce ourselves every intro and today realizing it was our last day with Dennis and William made me grateful that I met all of these kids. They have helped me to grow as an individual and to embrace my child like self.

my friend molly.
                When Molly first started at Black's Creek she barely talked to anyone and as she saw that we created bonds she probably wanted one and started opening up as well. She's actually a very sweet girl and I'm glad I met her. She also caught an inch worm the last day of programming which was her first creature catch of the summer.

maddie and Jackie.
         These sweet girls were talking about how they know the difference between a boy and girl crab. The fact that they try to teach me the knowledge  I bestowed upon them is the cutest.

         If it wasn't for Save the Harbor I probably wouldn't have realized my full potential and capabilities of mental growth. This job shows me patience as well and the growth throughout myself. I am sad that Black's Creek has come to an end but the summer is still going and I can't wait to continue the rest of it.

Until next time,
Nieomi colon

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