Thursday, August 3, 2017

Just Keep Fishing

Sunny mornings bring in lots of visitors to Boston Children's Museum. We started our morning by drawing an ocean on the boardwalk! I contributed by drawing a flounder and our new friend Rosie contributed by drawing her favorite sea creature.... a dolphin! Rosie had no fear when it came to the crabs. She picked one up right away when we offered! She even helped me pull up the crab trap and was able to explain to me how the crab trap worked. She was an expert crab woman.
Rain can't stop us!
  After lunch, before the torrential downpours and thunderstorms, we caught a baby flounder in our crab trap! Catching a baby flounder was an excellent opportunity to show some of the kids how flounders eyes rotate to one side of their body as they mature. After the torrential downpours we were able to move inside and teach even more kids about the green crabs and flounder we caught. One visitor named Jake was a bit grumpy with me when I asked him to leave the flounder with me in the tank, I think he wanted to take him home with him! Some other kids didn't believe that we had a real fish in the tank until it started swimming around! Even though the weather tried to rain on our parade we kept going!

Just Keep Fishing!

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