Thursday, August 3, 2017

High tide on a whole different level

Its almost to the top!!!!
Monday, WOW, now that was a crazy day! In the morning, it was a light shower that we usually just work through, but it was also cold... But as the day progressed, it started raining harder. It came down left, right and center coming in at all different angles, at one point I swear that it was going up at me! At the end of the day I was soaked!

But the tide was so high that the ramp to the water taxi was higher than the dock! I tell you with full confidence that if I stood on the other side of the railing, I bet you I could touch the water when I was laying down. It was THAT high! If you saw it, you would completely agree with me. It was actually the highest we have seen; there is a cross-brace that gives support to the water taxi dock, and it was fully underwater. normally you can see the top of it, but Monday it was a whole different story.

I could walk across that!!!
It actually gave us the fewest amount if crabs yet, 35 crabs... under normal circumstances, we get around 60 or 70 crabs. Edward dared one of us to put our hand under all 35 crabs, and I decided that I would do it, it was kind of relaxing now that I think about it... I may do that again at some point, but then he had to say "let them all pinch you." Now that was the point that I took my arm out. But something interesting that I haven't done before, was using squid as bait! Now that stank to high heaven, but it worked wonders on the crabs. To be honest, I think it gave us the most crabs ever, 86 crabs!
Lets see y'all on the harbor!

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