Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fish printing and football!

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A little bit of crab talk with the kids
Well I do not generally put one foot forward to things I have never done before, but something was different about how I felt when I went to Courageous for the second time. I really had the urge to go fish printing. Then again, I had no idea what fish printing was or what I was putting myself into. Turns out fish printing was painting a fish and then blending all of your colors and patterns together, to paste it on paper to get, well a print of the fish, hence the name fish printing. But when it comes to kids it is a lot easier said than done. I remember my last group perfectly, because the difficulty escalated tremendously after two of them went. There were groups of four, and the first two just wanted solid colors. I put the colors on and they did there part, and the print came out nice. Then came a little girl who wanted to go above and beyond. She wanted a unique stripe pattern that does not blend in. It still came out beautiful. The final kid's print was the most difficult. The boy was vegetarian so he had no interest in touching the fish, but wanted the fish print on a real fish. He wanted different patterns at different places; stripes, dots, x's and colorways. However he could not really spot it on the real fish, and he wanted some spots blended some spots not. It was fun trying to get everything he said down perfectly, but I tried my best, and he walked off with a piece of art that put a huge smile on his face.

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Game day!
Now I am back at Spectacle Island, and it's time for sports. One of my coworkers is a football fanatic, and Tuesday was just his lucky day. The kids that got on the boat who came to sports really wanted to play football, and on top of that a really nice ranger named Tyson set up a football playing area, and even joined them. I played some, and I also learned how to throw a Frisbee from Jenn, and like I said before it is way easier said than done. Does not mean you don't give it your best!

Talk to you later! :)
Qalid Hassan

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