Thursday, August 3, 2017

Football at George's

Welcome back everyone. For the new comers my name is Jaiden and this week at George's the highlight of my week was playing football with a family during sports. It was great because they were good players and had even better sportsmanship. Although this particular day at George's wasnt nessasarily the best looking day due to the fact it had on and off showers and cool weather but that didn't stop us from coming out and having a great time and enjoying a game of football.
It was an all around blast playing with them. They had fun playing with us and no matter who was up or who just scored there were no negative points it went nowhere but up this shows that at Save the Harbor it's not just about the kids but we make sure people of all ages have fun no matter what. Whether that be from having them come down to the dock and fishing with us or coming up to the field and playing a game of football or kickball or soccer. You love having fun and we love having fun with you so take the next opportunity you get and come out and have fun with us.

                                                                             From ya boy 
                                                                                            Jaiden Coren 

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